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Deborah Cadore is the owner and founder of the brand: The New You Image Consulting-  A network of professionals that provide personal enhancement services which include but are not limited to hair, makeup, wardrobe, health, and fitness services. She has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and is a licensed cosmetologist and beauty advisor.


The New You Image Consulting offers customized packages to the client's needs. Consultations can be done in the office, at home, or in any other venue. So whether you need a new look for a special occasion, or are looking for a complete transformation, we have the right solution for you!





Free Consultation

Private Makeup Lessons

Glam Parties/Photography Packages (NEW)

Hair, Makeup, Lash Extensions, Permanent Makeup, & Wardrobe Styling Packages

Bridal Services

Film/Entertainment Services

Fashion/Editorial Services


The New You Inc. is a pioneer in the beauty industry specializing in more than just hair, makeup and skincare. We cater to the individual holistically by focusing not only on their outward appearance but also on their inward appearance as well. Our slogan is “Creating the New You Inside, and Out", which means that we address all our client's needs as it pertains to their spirit, mind, soul, and body. We are a network of professionals that can cater to your needs by servicing areas such as weight loss, nutrition, emotional and spiritual therapy, fashion advice, and of course beauty. Our clients are given the opportunity to experience a complete transformation that not only makes them look good on the outside but also feels good from within as a result. 

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Phone: 845-699-5535


Servicing the NY, NJ, and CT areas

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